In the light of peace and hope


Five years ago, multimedia artist Michael Pendry sent his site-specific multimedia installation Les Colombes consisting of two thousand origami doves on a on a journey through churches around the world, from Jerusalem, to Salisbury, New York and San Francisco to spread message of peace and hope.

A message we can’t spread too often.

The next stop is Washington DC in May 2020. In our interview he reflects on the importance of faith, the holy spirit and the role that art can play in creating a more positive and peaceful society. 

Michael Pendry

Portrait MIchael Pendry London Sebastian Krawczyk

The encounter with Les Colombes hits the heart. Softly lulling coos fill the nave. More than two thousand origami paper doves, popped in blue light, whirl softly on the ceiling. Visitors stop, inhale, lift the view and rest. These doves are testimony to a divinely calming presence among the visitors.

Pendry’s doves teach us that, regardless of external circumstances, peace is always a touch away – within us – and always available.

The dove becomes a symbol of the soul’s release from its earth-bound duty, a symbol of hope. There is a romanticism in Pendry’s oeuvre that is rare in our fast-paced, mechanical world. 

Les Colombes at Salisbury Cathedral, photo credit: Ash Mills
Les Colombes at Salisbury Cathedral, photo credit: Ash Mills

There is a romanticism in Pendry’s oeuvre that is rare in our fast-paced, mechanical world.

His monumental installation „heart number one“ that was on view in Munich in 2016, is a trestle, white and filigree, 5 meters wide and 5 meters high heart that alternates its color and rhythm. It pulsates, burns, throbs and sometimes even bleeds. In 2010 he created one of the biggest light and urban art installations ever done in Germany at the time. The „Stern des Suedens“ used more then 9000 LEDs to lighten the rotor blades of a 100m hight wind wheel on the outskirts of Munich. Coeur et Art Editor Inga Nelli talks to Michael about his art-for-peace project „Les Colombes“, his journey as an artist and his personal approach to art and spirituality.

Please tell us about Michael Pendry, what is the core that defines him?

I am a mixed media artist, mostly working in public spaces, doing large scale installation. It is very important for me to reach people with my projects, my work. Especially those people who do not usually visit the galleries, museums and theaters of our cultural world – to experience things of our everyday life in a new dimension and maybe also giving them a new magical twist, a magical moment which has almost disappeared in our world. That is my interest and always an important part in my works and in my life.

Los Colombes
Les Colombes

How did the idea of the “LES COLOMBES” installation, that tours the world and is currently on view in New York, came about? 

I was asked to do an installation by an art advisor in Munich. She works for the Diocese of Munich/Bavaria, responsible for all art events/exhibitions in southern Bavaria linked with art in churches or dealing with religious content. She offered me two different spaces in the city center of Munich, one was the Church of the Holy Spirit, a very beautiful baroque Church build by the Brothers Asam, the famous bavarian Architects.

As she had a big faith in me and my work, I was free to do whatever I wanted to.

As I sat in this beautiful old church for almost two weeks not having a clue what to do, I discovered that there were doves everywhere, in pictures in the side chapels, in the main altar, and as stucco sculptures all over the place. So I started to research about the symbol of the dove, where it comes from, the meaning and what it means for us today. I tried to convert the idea of „spirit, holy spirit and peace“ ( all those terms stand behind the symbol of the dove ) into a three-dimensional installation and into my way of working.

Les Colombes Salisbury, photo credit: Sebastian Krawczyk
Les Colombes Salisbury, photo credit: Sebastian Krawczyk

The installation is seeking an approach to the idea of the spirit, the “Holy Spirit” on various levels and angles with a full range of stylistic devices – a physical and emotional experience in unique spaces.

In our modern hightech and consumer orientated society, faith and the spirit are losing importance. What reaction or action would you love to provoke with your installations? 

Well, basically I always try to get to the people with my work, and in this very special case it works pretty well, as the symbol is easily accessible, everybody understands it and the tranquility of the installation makes the people calm down.

It lets them rest for a while and experience the space in a new way.

It makes people think and reflect about peace, what everyone could do in everyday life and what’s at stake at the moment, worldwide. And it has a very connective approach to it as well, as the installation is traveling form country to country, across borders and across walls, across barriers either geographically or in the heads of the people.

Heart Nr.1, photo credit: Sebastian Krawczyk
Heart Nr.1, photo credit: Sebastian Krawczyk

Your temporary art project “LES COLOMBES” tours churches all around the world. How exactly does religion fuel your practice as an artist? 

Well, I wouldn´t say that I am a very religious person, nor would I call myself a religious artist. I would call my approach to religion a more spiritual approach. I grew up in a society that is characterized by the catholic church and of course that does something with you. It is a constant dispute, a friction that is good and creates new approaches in my work of art as well.

Flying Doves, lightened stars, beating hearts: The subject matter of your installations is somehow very romantic. Ever thought about this? 

Lol… interesting question. Not really, to be honest. I always tend to approach projects or ideas on a very intuitional level. If it is perceived to be kind of „romantic“ what I do, fine. Yes, I am not a conceptual artist who´s only intention is to provoke and to shock.

I try to bring back some aesthetics into art and beauty.

Once a lady came to me after visiting one of my installations and said „Thank you so much for what you do. Finally art can be beautiful again!! Please never stop!!!“

Michael Pendry - Stern des Südens
Michael Pendry – Stern des Südens

Seeing your doves fly on different continents and in different countries from Israel to the U.K. and the US. What did you learn on this journey? 

I learned a lot, I have to admit. A lot about myself, but also about how different countries and people are. But one thing is the same where ever I go: the wish for a more peaceful and equitable world.

What comes next?

Lots of new projects are coming up for 2020.

I am currently working on limited art edition of my doves in collaboration with Nymphenburg that will be launched in May 2020, parallel to the next stop of „Les Colombes“  in Washington D.C.

Moreover I am working on a site-specific work that will be installed in Houston, Texas in autumn 2020. 

Visit the website of Michael Pendry: http://www.michaelpendry.de

Header Photo: Los Colombes, Dormitio Abbey, Mount Zion, Jerusalem

Author: Inga Nelli