Nomad 2

In the right context, repetitions can be a beautiful thing – or to put it another way, less can indeed be more. So the tradition of the so-called “Three questions” – an easy way of finding out what it is that drives artists in their work – seems a natural fit for Coeur et Art. Accordingly we will be asking artists, curators, designers, writers and other creatives three such questions in future. Consider the three questions as a catapult into the mind and viewpoints of the protagonists. All you have to do is read, watch the images arising before your inner eye and let your heart go vroum

As Pablo Picasso once said,

Everything you can imagine is real.


Karneval der Kulturen is upon us! Starting today until Sunday, we have picked three mad days filled with art and music you won´t see and hear every day, all brought to you by the notorious Nomad, Dj Nomad, Hans Reuschl or however you want to call (a man has many names) the artist, Dj, producer and beloved and by some detested Enfant terrible!

And yes, it is no coincidence his art show “VOLKSKUNST – BILDER FÜR WOHNZIMMER, SCHLAFZIMMER AND METZGEREI” starts at 6pm on the 6.6. at Artistenhalle / Holzmarkt 25. Numbers matter. On display will be his brand new large scale limited editions screen prints, drinks, music (naturally) and also a performance by beautiful BIRDMILK COLLECTIVE

For Friday join Nomad´s Wanderlust Carnaval Warm up and finish the week with a tropical soundclash dancing at the Karneval der Kulturen Afterparty with Analog Africa Soundsystem and Africaine 808 (by Nomad) on Sunday. RA,RA, RA!

1. Aesthetics and Process aside, which emotion you want to trigger with your work and why?

Empathy. Because it is the one emotion that makes us human.I use the simplest means to achieve that. Back in the day, a marker and the street – now a brush and canvass, or a musical instrument or a turntable.

2. If you could change something in the art world, what would it be?

I am not part of the art world, so i do not have to change it. I live autonomously from it.

I do not have a gallerist anymore, i don’t go to artfairs and i don’t date artists.

I got some friends i consider great artists, and that’s about it. That’s my artworld.
The rest can go and fight their fight to be complicated, relevant, rich, famous, fabulous, controversial, or inspirational.
I don’t want none of it.
If i could change the world in favor of artists, i would start with german politics:

Basic income for artists that can prove that they are working, subventioned workspaces, free tickets etc. like the model Holland is famous for.
The art business, however cannot be changed without changing society.

3. The future is…

It’s too far gone. Mankind is too greedy for it’s own good.

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Author: Esther Harrison