INTRODUCING Marco Maria Zanin 2

INTRODUCING Marco Maria Zanin

Marco Maria Zanin is an Italian photographer. His work reflects the spirituality of the rural world, with a sensitivity to nature and the earth, to rural traditions that mean balance and respect.

He shares with coeur et art what inspired him for his residency supported by the FAAP (Fundacao Artmando Alvarez Penteado): the links between Italian and Brazilian culture, Brazilian music (Gilberto Gil, Paulinho da Viola)

His other photographs draw inspiration from the Veneto landscapes in northern Italy; the architecture of buildings where Italians used to live in Sao Paolo, as well as the still life painter Giorgio Morandi.

CONVERSATIONS Linda Troeller 4


The exhibition “Linda Troeller: Apolda – New York” that is opening this week, June 28th at the Kulturfabrik in Apolda, Thüringen will focus on a lifespan of works by the exceptional Photographer Linda Troeller who lived and worked over a whopping period of 20 years in

LETTERS FROM ... Kaunas in Art – so close, so far? 7

LETTERS FROM … Kaunas in Art – so close, so far?

Picture this: It’s the 13th century and you live in Lithuania, a fiercely independent Grand Duchy and hugely successful state that is the largest in Europe. Yet later it becomes a pawn between three bigger players, the Prussian Empire, Habsburg Austria and the Russian Empire, erasing it from the map. Lithuania only gains independence again in 1918 but loses it after the Second World War, when the Soviet Union holds occupies it for 50 years. Finally, independence is regained in 1990. A rough ride considering the stronghold Lithuania once was.

LETTERS FROM ... Martin Ogolter 8

LETTERS FROM … Martin Ogolter

Martin Ogolter’s solo show at Collectors Room Hamburg, Stardust, is opening on 12th of December. So we caught up with the Austrian artist for our first piece of Coeur et art Series „Letters from Brasil“