Neal Fox


NEAL FOX American Dreamers, 2019 wood, cardboard, paper, ink and acrylic 200 x 200 x 33 cm, Courtesy Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris
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In the right context, repetitions can be a beautiful thing – or to put it another way, less can indeed be more. So the tradition of the so-called “Three questions” – an easy way of finding out what it is that drives artists in their work – seems a natural fit for Coeur et Art. Accordingly we will be asking artists, curators, designers, writers and other creatives three such questions in future. 

Consider the three questions as a catapult into the mind and viewpoints of the protagonists. All you have to do is read, watch the images arising before your inner eye and let your heart go vroum

As Pablo Picasso once said,

Everything you can imagine is real.

Neal Fox, a London-born illustrator and artist currently living on a Greek island, produces “contemporary drawings” with a distinctive look and feel, well-known not only among fans of LE GUN, the London-based collective* of which he is part, but also further afield.

Neal Fox is presently showing a very special new work at Draw Art Fair, the UK’s first such event on modern and contemporary drawing, where he is exhibiting alongside Jürgen Klauke, Lucien Murat and Ed Paschke at the booth of SUZANNE TARASIEVE, his Paris gallery. The artwork concerned – a wooden cabinet that functions like a folding book or greeting card – takes the viewer into a John Dillinger-inspired speakeasy with all the attributes that a proper universe created by Neal Fox ought to have:

American Dreamers’ is a sculpture I made with a lot of help and inspiration from my dad. It’s influenced by his great work which I grew up looking at, and by the Chicago Imagists who inspired him many moons ago.

Catch Neal’s work and Suzanne at Booth G2.5 at the Draw Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery until Sunday, May 19th !  

Interview with Neal Fox

1. Aesthetics and Process aside, which emotion you want to trigger with your work and why?

A romantic daydreaming feeling when anything seems possible, like when you drank some champagne with good friends on a summers day, giraffes eat flowers from the trees, mermaids are real, and you feel the beauty and mythical nature of life.

2. If you could change something in the art world, what would it be?

It would be more accessible for everyone to enjoy and not elitist, and it wouldn’t take itself so seriously.

3. The future is..?

Pretty fucked up until we start being kinder to this strange cosmic rock we all live on

ABOUT Galerie Suzanne Tarasieve, Paris

Suzanne Tarasieve opened her first gallery in Barbizon, near Paris, in 1978. From the outset she focused on German art, particularly neo-expressionist artists. She opened her gallery space in Paris in 2003. Since then, she has held many exhibitions showcasing work with an expressionist approach, emotional content and energy. Among the artists she represents are A.R. Penck, Sigmar Polke, Markus Lüpertz, Georg Baselitz, Jörg Immendorf, Anna Tuori and Jürgen Teller. The gallery supports young and established international artists and runs an exhibition program in collaboration with international museums, art centers… 


LE GUN was founded in 2004 by a group of MA graduates from the Communication Art and Design course at the Royal College of Art, London. Le Gun are the artists Neal Fox, Robert Rubbish, Stephanie Von Reiswitz, Chris Bianchi and Bill Bragg.

Author: Esther Harrison