Martin Peterdamm

Photographer – Developer

The Berlin portrait and fine art photographer Martin Peterdamm, born in the late 70s, studied in Bremen but following graduation moved his focus to his creative side.  His love of play and interest in self-expression brought him to photography, which has determined every facet of his life ever since. His portraits, including those of well-known artists, are highly aesthetic and breathe authenticity and the directness typical of his work — a balancing act that makes his photographs unique.

In 2016 Martin Peterdamm was instrumental in building up the MagicBeans Gallery, a noted up-and-coming Berlin gallery mainly concerned with paintings by young artists. It was there that Martin first crossed paths with Coeur et Art founder Esther Harrison, who was searching for a photographer for painstakingly produced interviews in her work as chief editor of the contemporary art platform ARTBerlin. This marked the start of a collaboration and friendship that lasts to this day. 

Martin supports Coeur et Art with an eye that misses nothing, and succinct aesthetics united with energy. His photo series play a vital role in special interviews, features and artist portraits.    

Martin also conveys the analogue element — the experience of the artist’s studio or gallery — on Coeur et Art’s online showing. 

He can always be counted on to provide tasteful entertainment at the set, and is a proud corgi-mum. 

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