Inga Nelli

Editor | Asian art, Activism & Female Identity

For Inga Nelli art is the highest form of hope. In her art, writings and projects, Inga Nelli mainly draws upon her roles as artist, wife, and mother to reflect on the ambiguity of manifold identities that each of us embodies.

She is very interested in in-between spaces, transitional moments where nothing is fixed and everything is possible.

Before coming back to Berlin in 2018, Inga lived in Hong Kong for five years. That experience profoundly changed her perception of our world. She especially fell in love with the aesthetics of Korean Art and the school of mono-ha, the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi and for sure Asian food.

Having a great concern for our planet, Inga curated art exhibitions and fundraising events that rose awareness for socially relevant topics like plastic pollution, marine debris and blindness.

For Coeur et Art, she will share everything that touches femininity and motherhood in art, in-between spaces and activism in art.

You can reach her at:

ART & ACTIVISM with Liina Klauss 5

ART & ACTIVISM with Liina Klauss

What happens when you let the apocalypse look like a rainbow? We asked environmental artist Liina Klauss “the” three questions and all you have to do is read, watch the images arising before your inner eye and let your heart go vroum! … and hopefully join her on her journey to change our society through art!