Guido Brancher 4

Guido Brancher

Guido Brancher considers himself a cultural mediator, a mediator of all cultures.
Born and raised in Düsseldorf, art is in his DNA. From adolescence on he hung around galleries as well as artists from the city’s renowned art academy, such as Joseph Beuys, Gerhard Richter and Jörg Immendorf. Later on, his vision was formed by the photography of the artist-professors Bernd and Hilla Becher, whose images show beauty and poetry in the ordinary. 
Guido Brancher studied design and art history, first at Parsons in Paris and then in New York, where he dove into the exuberant creativity of post-Warholian night-life. With his diploma in hand, he worked as a designer for prestigious fashion houses before opening his own small couture house in Los Angeles.
On his return to Europe, he realized that fashion was now less about creation and more about story-telling and brand strategies. He accordingly broadened his field of action and started working with leading creative agencies in Paris on an international level.
When the GRAND PALAIS in Paris offered him employment, first in fundraising and then in event organization, he took the opportunity to switch to the client side. Projects for ARTE in Paris and Berlin were to follow. Wherever he lives, Guido Brancher has always defended being a tourist in order to never take these magical places for granted. 
In his column CŒUR À CŒUR at Coeur et Art, he reflects on current events and exhibitions and puts them into a historical context — as George Santayana once wrote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

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Inga Nelli 5

Inga Nelli

For Inga Nelli art is the highest form of hope. In her art, writings and projects, Inga Nelli mainly draws upon her roles as artist, wife, and mother to reflect on the ambiguity of manifold identities that each of us embodies.

She is very interested in in-between spaces, transitional moments where nothing is fixed and everything is possible.

Before coming back to Berlin in 2018, Inga lived in Hong Kong for five years. That experience profoundly changed her perception of our world. She especially fell in love with the aesthetics of Korean Art and the school of mono-ha, the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi and for sure Asian food.

Having a great concern for our planet, Inga curated art exhibitions and fundraising events that rose awareness for socially relevant topics like plastic pollution, marine debris and blindness.

For Coeur et Art, she will share everything that touches femininity and motherhood in art, in-between spaces and activism in art.

You can reach her at:

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Alexandra Etienne 6

Alexandra Etienne

‘Arty linguist’ Alexandra Etienne combines her love of languages with her dedication to art. French-Australian, fluent in German and Chinese, she was born in Paris but spent most of her life overseas. London is now her ‘ville de coeur’ and base when she is not exploring other art scenes in Europe -eclectic Brussels, Madrid, Ljubljana to name a few of her favourites. For coeur et art’s ‘coup de coeur’ section, she will draw attention to young talent, quirky art spaces and off -the-radar events alongside special features on Buddhist art and China. It was Zhao Wu Ji’s solo show at the Jeu de Paume in 2003 that sparked her fascination for Chinese art for the first time. The calligraphy of the Chinese script inspired her to study the language, which took her to Beijing for 2 years before her MA in Buddhist art at The Courtauld where she could refine her knowledge of East and South Asian aesthetics. Since curating exhibitions in Venice last year and further experience at Sotheby’s, she is currently teaching and leading art tours that reflect her commitment to art as intrinsically public and reachable.

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Esther Harrison 7

Esther Harrison

Artist whisperer Esther Harrison — the founder of Coeur et Art — thinks that art is the true global language.

The German-born English art writer has gained her first grounds barefoot in the pathless woods in Bavaria, squatting and raving through the ’90s in Berlin and, more recently, during several stays on the hills of the Favelas in Rio de Janeiro. When in Brazil she also picked up her abiding passion for contemporary Latin American art, notably the Carioca art scene in Rio de Janeiro.

Known for her empowering sense of self-expression reminiscent of her time promoting in the music industry in the 2000s years she delineates perfectly the unruly aesthetic charm of her home town.

“Authenticity is always my top priority.”

As a natural communicator, she creates an honest and open environment in which relationships between contemporary artists, organisations, and art lovers may flourish. Regardless if she works for a large company as in the past for DEAG, a leading provider of live entertainment in Europe, or as more recently with individual artists and as the former Editor-in-Chief of ARTBerlin, her work approach is always characterised by passion, empathy, and joy.

Esther Harrison is currently working on her first book that is evolving around the transformational power of leaving one’s comfort zone by using the tools of art & activism.

She has been selected for the RAW program, a two-month Residency for Artists and Writers, which is hosted by the Arts of Africa and the Global South’s research program based in the Fine Art Department at Rhodes University, Makhanda, South Africa in summer 2020. She was also invited to join the prestigious Arctic Circle Residency, an art and science expedition to the High Arctic for their autumn expedition in 2020. The Arctic Circle program aims to empower the creative individual and foster collaboration.

– Text by Tanja Siren | Photo by Linda Troeller

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