Alexandra Etienne

Editor | Photography, Young Artists & China

‘Arty linguist’ Alexandra Etienne combines her love of languages with her dedication to art. French-Australian, fluent in German and Chinese, she was born in Paris but spent most of her life overseas. London is now her ‘ville de coeur’ and base when she is not exploring other art scenes in Europe -eclectic Brussels, Madrid, Ljubljana to name a few of her favourites. For coeur et art’s ‘coup de coeur’ section, she will draw attention to young talent, quirky art spaces and off -the-radar events alongside special features on Buddhist art and China. It was Zhao Wu Ji’s solo show at the Jeu de Paume in 2003 that sparked her fascination for Chinese art for the first time. The calligraphy of the Chinese script inspired her to study the language, which took her to Beijing for 2 years before her MA in Buddhist art at The Courtauld where she could refine her knowledge of East and South Asian aesthetics. Since curating exhibitions in Venice last year and further experience at Sotheby’s, she is currently teaching and leading art tours that reflect her commitment to art as intrinsically public and reachable.

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INTRODUCING Smail Kanoute 10


Smail Kanouté trained in printmaking and dance at the prestigious National School of Decorative Arts in Paris. His work gravitates around writing and uses the expressive power of movement as a visual language : body-brush, calligraphy, memory, ancestors, whirling dervishes, tributes to the sacred gesture, to the symbolism of our breath.

In this interview he tells us more about his poetic, critical, cross-disciplinary pieces that combine dance, printmaking, film, fashion, music with our cities. Among other things, he is inspired by Malian music (the traditional instrument ‘kora’), the wisdom of Amadou Hampâté Bâ’s oral literature, of Paulo Coelho’s stories.

INTRODUCING Marco Maria Zanin 13

INTRODUCING Marco Maria Zanin

Marco Maria Zanin is an Italian photographer. His work reflects the spirituality of the rural world, with a sensitivity to nature and the earth, to rural traditions that mean balance and respect.

He shares with coeur et art what inspired him for his residency supported by the FAAP (Fundacao Artmando Alvarez Penteado): the links between Italian and Brazilian culture, Brazilian music (Gilberto Gil, Paulinho da Viola)

His other photographs draw inspiration from the Veneto landscapes in northern Italy; the architecture of buildings where Italians used to live in Sao Paolo, as well as the still life painter Giorgio Morandi.